Y2k bug is it a scam

Hire Writer Computer sales will sky rocket and supermarkets will start seeing people loading up on food because they fear the unexpected- the global recession that every business is afraid of.

Y2k bug is it a scam

Y2K bug scams, Nigerian scams, and more: But first, a quick favor: As you most likely know, we publish Internet ScamBusters as a public service. These kind of offers help pay a part of the cost of running the ScamBusters site and e-zine. Here are a few details: For example, someone calls claiming to be a service representative from your credit card company.

The caller claims that in order to deal with Y2K problems, the credit card company is sending out replacement strips to stick over the magnetic strip on the back of your credit card. Bogus Y2K Insurance Another way scamsters are trying to get your credit card information is by offering bogus insurance against false billings or lost account information, that will supposedly result because of the Y2K bugs.

They offered blue chip companies insurance against losses caused by the Y2K bug. Others are not quite as outrageous — they just say the systems are at risk because of Y2K noncompliance, and must be replaced. Federal Trade Commission has a toll-free hotline for questions about Y2K issues and scams.

The number is For more info on Y2K scams, visit: To make matters worse, the CDs the creators handed out at the hacker conference were unintentionally infected with a computer virus called CIH or Chernobyl.

Y2k bug is it a scam

The program could be used to steal data and monitor your activities from another location. There is no specific ID information available yet. Major anti-virus software vendors are expected to begin offering fixes early this week.

We wrote about it in Issue 11 in November This scam can be deadly. Visit the ScamBusters Nigerian Scam page.The hysteria surrounding the Year computer bug was the biggest money-making hoax in my lifetime.

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This web-site, is our way of congratulating everyone involved in this elaborate and perfectly-executed scam. Well done! I'm in awe of the people who inflated this issue from a simple Y2K; Y2K computer bug; Year bug; Year crisis.

I was personally involved in fixing the Y2K bug on hundreds of computer systems – none of them having anything to do with banking. Any computer system that tracked date/time data for any reason was potentially vulnerable to the Y2K bug. Consumers are warned not to be victimized by people claiming the ability to protect a consumer's money in bank and credit card accounts from the Y2K bug.

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"With all the hype regarding Y2K and its potential to affect many significant computer operations, it is no wonder consumers are easily persuaded by these scams," Spitzer said. Y2k bug is it a scam October 6, by Leave a Comment Despite humanitys many flaws and foibles New The increase on violence in movies over the last years research suggests dogs y2k bug is it a scam were domesticated from wolves just once Latest trending topics .

The Year problem (also known as the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or simply Y2K) was a problem for both digital (computer-related) and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which resulted from the practice of abbreviating a four-digit year to two digits.

This made year indistinguishable from Five years after the hoopla and warnings about Y2K, many dismiss it as a hoax, scam, or non-event. Not only was Y2K a real threat narrowly averted, but it is still having major effects on the economy.

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