Synthesis of salicylic acid from wintergreen oil

In the event you find this near sunrise filled with anxiety, rage and confusion I hope this gives you a hand. The purpose of this experiment was to perform a base-catalyzed hydrolysis reaction while converting oil of wintergreen to salicylic acid. An illustrated equation showing compounds to be isolated or synthesized is shown below.

Synthesis of salicylic acid from wintergreen oil

It was thin, short white crystals and had a melting point range or degrees Celsius. This was a white powder and had a melting point range of degrees Celsius. Discussion To confirm that the final product of the synthesis was aspirin, an IR spectrum of the product was taken.

This spectrum showed a broad peak at Hydroxyl groups tend to show characteristic peaks between cm The Nujol contains many hydrocarbons which produce a very strong peak in the range. The structure of aspirin also indicates that there should be a peak for a carbonyl ester, and a carbonyl acid.

Methyl Salicylate:plant extract Manufacturing application

These peaks usually occur in the cm-1 and cm-1 range respectively. The spectrum showed a peak at cm-1 which indicated the ester carbonyl and a peak at cm-1 for the acid carbonyl. There are also smaller peaks which indicate the other carbon-oxygen groups of the aspirin.

However, these lie in the finger print region of the spectrum and are therefore too hard to differentiate. The melting points of both the salicylic acid and aspirin were taken as other means to identify, and test the purity of the products. Both the melting points of salicylic acid and aspirin were consistent with the literature values which are degrees Celsius and degrees Celsius respectively.

This shows that both the products were relatively pure.

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The ferric chloride test was used to compare the salicylic acid, crude aspirin, and purified aspirin. After the addition of the ferric chloride, the salicylic acid solution turned purple, and both the aspirin solutions were yellow. Because both the aspirin solutions were yellow, there was not any unreacted starting material present in the product.

If any was present in the crude or purified product it was not in a high enough concentration to complex with the ferric chloride to create the purple color.

Synthesis of salicylic acid from wintergreen oil

The salicylic acid was obtained with One possibility for loss of product could be during the acidification step. The synthesis of the salicylic acid is done by creating the anion of the acid which is soluble in the aqueous solution.

It is then protonated to crash the salicylic acid out of solution. If not enough acid was added to protonate all the product, some will stay in the aqueous solution and will be lost. Another source of product loss is during the recrystallization.1 #15 Synthesis of Ethyl Salicylate from Salicylic Acid _____ Purpose: Salicylic acid is converted to the liquid ethyl salicylate by addition of ethanol.

Yields of salicylic acid (week 1) and ethyl salicylate will be found, as well as the overall. Methyl salicylate is an organic ester easily recognized by its odor and is known as oil of wintergreen and involves a reaction of the -COOH group of salicylic acid.

It can be used commercially as an antipyretic, an analgesic, or as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

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The synthesis of aspirin from oil of wintergreen is an example of one of the most prevalent, A General Chemistry Experiment John Olmsted III Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, CA FTIR spectra of oil of wintergreen, salicylic acid.

The methylsalicylate or oil of wintergreen was also formed from salicylic acid where it reacted with methanol in the presence of H2SO4 again for the removal the -OH to form an ester in the reaction called esterification as shown in Figure 3.

Abstract. Methyl salicylate, or wintergreen oil, is an organic ester naturally produced by the wintergreen plant group, and commonly made by the esterfication of salicylic acid with methanol. Jun 26,  · When are these compounds separated? methanol and sodium sulfate are by-products of synthesis of salicylic acid.

during which step of the synthesis would these compounds have been separated from the final product?

Synthesis of salicylic acid from wintergreen oil

explain your answer based on any relevant properties of salicylic acid and the Resolved.

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