Should surrogate motherhood be allowed

You also might not know much about surrogacy. The average young adult knows much more about the former than the latter. Unlike her first two children, her child will be born to a surrogate mother due to medical reasons.

Should surrogate motherhood be allowed

Illustration by James Steinberg Like many couples, R. But the couple—in this case two gay men from Minneapolis—had ruled out adoption, which left surrogacy their only viable option. So the two men did what so many others in their position have done: They turned to the Internet.

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On the website of Surrogate Mothers Online, a volunteer-run support group for the surrogacy community, they came across a posting from a Minneapolis-area woman offering her services as a surrogate.

Before long, the couple entered into a contract with the surrogate and paid her an undisclosed fee for her services. Through medical science, the woman soon became impregnated with a baby from R. Nine months later the surrogate gave birth—first, to a healthy baby girl, then to litigation.

At first, everything went smoothly between the new fathers and their surrogate. Then, seemingly out of the blue, about a month after giving birth to the girl, the surrogate—identified in court records only as E.

Should surrogate motherhood be allowed

She proceeded to tell the two men she had changed her mind about giving up the baby and wanted the girl back. Surrogacy first entered the collective public conscience almost 25 years ago when Mary Beth Whitehead reneged on her promise to give up all parental rights to Baby M, the daughter for whom she served as a surrogate for a New Jersey couple.

Such concerns have eased somewhat with the growing acceptance and popularity of in vitro fertilization and other types of assisted reproductive technologies that allow a surrogate to bear and give birth to a child she has no genetic or biological connection to, using embryos created in a lab with donated eggs and sperm.

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The demand has spawned a proliferation of new businesses, including fertility clinics, surrogacy agencies, and online brokers specializing in matching Indian- or Ukrainian-based surrogates with prospective U.

Lawyers who practice in the surrogacy arena say the Baby M case—as well as the Minnesota case—are the exceptions. Most cases, they insist, go smoothly and according to contract. Surrogacy has become so commonplace, in fact, that a host of boldfaced names from Elton John to Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman have all publicly acknowledged using surrogates to birth babies for them.

The publicity has helped make the process more acceptable as a viable alternative to childbirth. But surrogacy also can be a minefield.

The industry is largely unregulated. And the law in many places has failed to keep pace with the revolution in assisted reproductive technology, making the process a potentially perilous one for the unwary or the unwise.

Reliable figures on surrogacy are hard to come by. No government agency or private group tracks surrogate births, though estimates range from several hundred to a few thousand per year. By one account, about 22, babies have been born through surrogacy in this country since the mids.To becoming a surrogate mother in Lemont IL, you need to work with a top-rated, remarkable surrogacy center that has a history of success.

Becoming a surrogate . Mar 01,  · Last Wednesday, the government task force for controversial issues in Sweden concluded that surrogate pregnancies should be banned with no exceptions. According to lead investigator, Eva Wendel Rosenberg, this decision was made to stop women from being directly or indirectly pressured into becoming surrogate mothers.

Should surrogate motherhood be allowed

Surrogate Motherhood: Ethical and Legal Issues Sue A. Meinke Revised January, (SCOPE NOTE 6, "Surrogate Motherhood: Ethical and Legal Issues,” written in August has been revised and updated, since much new material is available.

The highly publicized Baby M Nevada has allowed surrogate contracts (SB ). The surrogate is a mother only biologically and only for nine months; she gives the child to its genetic parents at birth.

When all goes as planned, a healthy and very much wanted child is born and the three adults involved all get what they contracted for.

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-Parenthood, through surrogacy, is not a fundamental right.-Surrogacy will inevitably become commercial. -It is a bad idea for surrogate mothers to be "friends of the family".

Why is surrogacy such a controversial topic?-Surrogacy became popular in the late ’s through the ’s, the practice of surrogacy has been around since biblical times. In countries including the UK, Canada, Ireland, Denmark and Belgium, surrogacy is allowed where the surrogate mother is not paid, or only paid for reasonable expenses.

Commercial surrogacy is .

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