Shokan ualikhanov essay

The route included the cities of the Great Silk Road Ualikhanov visited years ago while traveling to Kashgaria, China. The expedition participants collected materials about the history, geography, etnography, and linguistics of Kashgaria and learned the routes of Ualikhanov, Marco Polo, Nikolay Przhevalsky, Karl Mannerheim, Gunnar Jarring and Yuri Rerikh. According to Director of the Kazakh Institute of Geography Akhmetkala Medeu, the expedition gave the opportunity to inquire about changes that took place in population composition, natural conditions and lifestyle throughout the centuries.

Shokan ualikhanov essay

Short but Meaningful life of Shokan Ualikhanov 16 September 0 The name of Shokan Ualikhanov rightfully occupies an honorable place in the history of culture and social and scientific thought in Kazakhstan.

This outstanding scientist and educator, undertook a number of very fruitful scientific research in the field of geography, history, ethnography, folklore of the peoples of the East, and made the trips connected with huge dangers to mysterious, at that time, countries.

One of the first among his compatriots, he contributed to the spread of progressive ideas in the Kazakh steppes, played a beneficial role in strengthening the friendship of the Russian and Kazakh peoples.

In his works and all his activities, he proved that the Kazakhs are associated with Russian historical and even blood relatives. The Siberian Cadet Corps in Omsk, where Shokan Ualikhanov studied, was considered one of the best educational institutions of that time.

Many prominent public figures and scientists came out of it. Some of them have become famous for scientific researches and geographical discoveries. The place he studied at had a broad general educational profile. Its curriculum included, along with other disciplines, universal geography, geography of Russia, geodesy, and general concepts of the natural sciences.

The economic geography of Russia was studied, including statistics and questions of industrial and agricultural development. A great place was devoted to the study of Asian countries, the geographical and political division of Turan.

The population, origin of peoples, religion, way of life in these countries were considered. Geography of Kazakhstan in the Cadet Corps was mainly studied in the military-strategic plan. More attention was paid to such issues as the borders of the Kazakh steppes, the space, the nature of the terrain, the rivers and lakes, the routes of communication, the mountain passages for caravans, the climate and natural conditions, the number of Kazakhs, their origin, language and religion, the beginning of citizenship, the management of Kazakhs and fortified places in the steppe, etc.

The Cadet Corps was distinguished by a highly qualified staff of teachers. Shokan entered the cadet corps, not knowing the Russian language.

But thanks to his extraordinary abilities he quickly overcame this difficulty. Shokan was well ahead of his Russian comrades, he was such a capable person.

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During the summer holidays, Shokan left for the steppe, to his native village of Syrymbet, one of the most beautiful places in Kokchetavshchina.

Those trips gave him great pleasure, gave an opportunity to look even closer to the life of the Kazakh people, record folk songs, legends and fairy tales and sketch pictures of life and nature.

Shokan was attracted by hunting with eagles. At the last courses of geography and ethnography of the Kazakh steppe Shokan helped friends to fill the notebook with their stories. They brought in it a detailed description of the falconry of the Kazakhs.Essay I always wanted to become a teacher.

View Erin Anderson’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Erin has 12 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Erin’s Title: Educational Consultant and . Shokan Ualikhanov State University Kazakhstan Silver Trowel Trade Training from OPRE at University of Texas, Dallas. Shokan Valikhanov – scientist, historian, ethnographer and folklorist, traveler, educator. Father: Chinghis Valikhanov. Mother: Zeynep Chormanova. Wife: Aysary Valikhanova. He was born in in the fortress Kusmurun (Kushmurun). At birth he was named Muhammad-Kanapiya and .

The main reason for this is that I want to do something to help the community, and give back some of the privileges that I enjoyed. is a place to share and follow research.

Shokan ualikhanov essay

Dear all, the portal "History of Kazakhstan» - announces a contest! Write an essay on the topic "Kazakhstan in the Great. Shokan Valikhanov was a friend of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky. This friendship, that begun in Semipalatinsk, was continued in St.

Petersburg. And in in the newspaper” Russian disabled” last work of Shokan Valikhanov about the rise of Dungan in the Qing Empire was published. Shokan Ualikhanov () is an outstanding Kazakh scientist-orientalist, a historian, an ethnographer, a geographer, a folklorist, a translator and a traveler.

He was born in in the Kushmurun area not far from Kostanai. Since Shokan began to study in Omsk Siberian Cadet Corpus, which was considered the best educational institution in Siberia.

Much attention there was paid to the geography of Kazakhstan, as well as the history of the Kazakh people. - Shokan Valikhanov finished military school in Omsk with poet S.F. Durov. - First trip to Semirechie.

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