Persuasion is powerful

It is how well the presenter convinces the audience that the presenter is qualified to speak on the subject. This can be done by:

Persuasion is powerful

Women Attracted to Men in Red, Research Shows August 2, In several experiments, the shirt of the man in the photographs was digitally colored either red or another color. The face is blurred for privacy protection. University of Rochester What could be as alluring as a lady in red? A gentleman in red, finds a multicultural study published Aug.

Simply wearing the color red or being bordered by the rosy hue makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women, according to a series of studies by researchers at the University of Rochester and other institutions. And women are unaware of this arousing effect.

Persuasion is powerful

Why does red signal rank? The authors see both culture and biology at work. In human societies across the globe, red traditionally has been part of the regalia of the rich and powerful. In non-human primates, like mandrills and gelada baboons, red is an indicator of male dominance and is expressed most intensely in alpha males.

Females of these species mate more often with alpha males, who in turn provide protection and resources. It looks like women may be acting like animals as well in the same sort of way.

Participants were all self-identified as heterosexual or bisexual. Colors were precisely equated in lightness and intensity so that test results could not be attributed to differences other than hue.

In several experiments, the shirt of the man in the photographs was digitally colored either red or another color. The researchers found that the red effect was limited to status and romance: The effect was consistent across cultures: And the effect was limited to women.

When males were asked to rate the attractiveness of a pictured male, color made no difference in their responses. Across all the studies, the influence of color was totally under the radar. But the red effect depends on the context.

Elliot and others have also shown that seeing red in competitive situations, such as IQ tests or sporting events, leads to worse performance.Chapter 14 The Rule of Balance -- Logical Mind vs.

Emotional Heart Overview. When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creaturesof logic, but with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudiceand motivated by pride and vanity. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The art of argument and persuasion is a very ancient art indeed.

In fact, the ancient Greeks called the art of using language persuasively, rhetoric (hence, phrases you might have heard such as 'rhetorical language' and 'rhetorical devices' - these both refer to ways of using language that seem especially persuasive or powerful).

The modes of persuasion, often referred to as ethical strategies or rhetorical appeals, are devices in rhetoric that classify the speaker's appeal to the audience. They are: ethos, pathos, and logos, and the less-used kairos.

Aristotle's Rhetoric describes the modes of persuasion thus. Persuasion is clearly a sort of demonstration, since we are most fully persuaded when we consider a thing.

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An arsenal of weapons that you could use at any time to get you in or out of any conversation. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are modes of persuasion used to convince audiences. They are also referred to as the three artistic proofs (Aristotle coined the terms), and are all represented by Greek words.

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