Mesopotamia writing alphabet worksheets

The hieroglyphic alphabet contained an alphabet for consonants. The first known use of the hieroglyphic alphabet was in the Sinai in the turquoise mines.

Mesopotamia writing alphabet worksheets

Friday, 26 October Cuneiform Writing activity Having begun our studies in Mesopotamia we took a slight detour to understand the history of writing. This discussion came up after visiting the British Museum and seeing cuneiform writing and the famous Rosetta Stone.

While observing the Rosetta Stone this is a model the children were able to see the 3 different writings on the Rosetta Stone; Greek, Demotic and Hieroglyphs. Which then brought out the question, "how do we know what cuneiform says and is there something out there similar to the Rosetta stone that helps us decipher Cuneiform.

Cuneiform writing means "wedge shaped" and is believed to be first written around BC. The book first explains that the very earliest writing was pictogram shapes and then slowly evolved into more straight lines as it was easier to do on clay or stone.

The last cuneiform writing that has been found has been dated to 75 AD and then this type of writing fell out of favor as other forms of writing became more popular.

It wasn't until Sir Henry Rawlinson found a gigantic inscription in on a cliff near the town of Bisitum in Iraq that cuneiform writing began to be deciphered.

Here writings were found in Old Persian, Babylonian and Cuneiform. The kids and I got out some clay and tried a little Cuneiform writing of our own. Rolling out the dough to get a smooth surface Looking at the book to get some ideas First we tried drawing a pictogram of a fish top of the clay and then tried writing it in Cuneiform form below to see if curve lines were really harder to do in clay than straight lines.


Next we found the alphabet and attempted to write out names. Now we read that of most cuneiform writing doesn't have vowels but our cuneiform alphabet did. Princess did well with this type of writing. He thought this was very difficult and got easily frustrated.

mesopotamia writing alphabet worksheets

It was a fun activity for us to try, but both kids felt our modern alphabet was a whole lot easier: Maybe they will complain less when doing their writing assignments from this point forward I can only hope: Posted by The Adventurer at Sumerian Alphabet Worksheets - showing all 8 printables.

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Domain Ancient Civilizations The Invention of Writing: Mesopotamian Clay Tablet Lesson Plan and Handout PDF with Cuneiform Alphabet from the Oriental Institute in Chicago Find this Pin and more on S E C R E T = 70 + 27 = C O D E S by Kirscha.

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Alphabet: A writing system based on a set of letters, each standing for a single spoken sound. Concrete counting: the use of different sets of numbers to count different set of items. Cuneiform: The writing system developed in Mesopotamia in the fourth millennium BC.

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Feb 01,  · This worksheet from Veritas Press shows our alphabet as it would have looked in cuneiform. They did have to take some artistic license because the Sumerians did not have 26 letters in their alphabet. The letters in parentheses are the ones they Stuff and Things.

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