Lojack and the micrologic alliance

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Lojack and the micrologic alliance

Johnson O Okeniyi Johnson O. Level of stakeholder reaction. The first section of this research is the result of a critical analysis and evaluation of the Lojack and Micrologic Alliance.

The critical analysis and evaluation is achieved by the use of the Partnership Life cycle Model as a major tool for evaluation. The merits and demerits that exist within the alliance are also carefully evaluated.

Lojack and the micrologic alliance

However it critically evaluates numerous strategies and styles that were embraced by various partners within this alliance using the partnership life cycle model. In general an analysis of success steps taken by the partners in the alliance is also evaluated. Moreover a number of failure strategies that were adapted by the partners are also identified.

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The second part of this study simply carries out a comparative analysis between the result that emanated from the evaluation and the public sector alliances. A number of useful partnership concepts are used to explain the comparison between the private partnership of the first section and the public partnership.

Finally, a number of conclusion and recommendations for future alliances are also made. The first part of this research gives a brief evaluation for the LoJack and the Micrologic alliance. This evaluation is made possible by the use of the partnership life cycle model.

It also uses the top-down approach as a focus tool for this research. Analysis is done Lojack and the micrologic alliance different levels that exist within the alliance case Case Study.

In general no alliance can be stable in all levels of the interaction; however there are tools that can be useful to resolving redundancy at different stages Julian and Tony The first section of this report uses the life cycle model as a tool for major analysis and evaluation.

The Life cycle model has about 5 tentacles, in other words it is made up of five stages. It is a very important thing for partners within an alliance to start up on a soft soil, in other words on a less restraining ground. Outsourcing It is evident that Lojack outsourced its IT activities to Micrologic due to the fact that it lacked the kind of technics that Micrologic possessed.

Partners deem it necessary to cut the cost of production by outsourcing a part of their innovation.

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However most of the partners enter into alliances with a strong motive of gaining the knowledge of what is being outsourced within the period of the alliance Mudambi and Tallman, It is difficult to tell the reason for such an informal start; however the element of trust is worthwhile in the formation of an alliance Kelly, Schaan and Joncas, Trust at this stage of the alliance should be a two way process, however it is hard to easily trust a partner at this beginning stage.

The early pay back response that was given to MicroLogic proved Lojack to be a trustable partner. Within this alliance is the element of effective communication as each party lived to its responsibility. Individual to Individual Relations The relationship that exists within this alliance appears to be the individual to individual relation.

Having observed the level of informality that existed between Reagan and Sheldon at the onset of the alliance, it seems to answer the question of why each party to the alliance play their roles perfectly Case study.

Globalization Lojack was able to extend operations to countries outside the United States, and was also able to act locally in this various nations. This particular style of implementation adopted by Lojack gave it an upper hand over rising competitors.

Unlike its point of origin it was able to implement without the use of the public partner The Police. In other words, Lojack did not have to do the public private alliance to be able to succeed in other nations Case study.

Leadership The leaders of both partnerships had gained experience from various aspects of life and also had a voice in the kind of alliance that they wanted to come up with. The leadership of every 5 Johnson O.

Lojack and the micrologic alliance

Patent Right in other Nations Lojack Corporation was able to secure a form of license to operate in other nations; this is in other to gain an upper hand and a form of security. Lojack was able to buy time and this worked hand in hand with its expansion strategy.

Partners with the vision for product expansion should protect this visions by acquiring the patent right in their location for expansion Lerner and Merges, Meanwhile it is advisable to have an upper hand secret just like Lojack Corporation did.

However the lack of personal up grading may lead to the collapse of an alliance as seen in the case Case study. Exploration Throughout the various alliances formed by Lojack Corporation, it was always seeking for opportunities for exploration.

Lojack had expansion in mind, so it was exploring and putting everything necessary in place to attain the expansion plan. Along the line, an advanced technic system appears and tends to affect all other things as the focus is now on technology Lan, Shift in Exploration 25 20 15 Technology Expansion 10 5 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 At stage one the blue curve represents a continuous increase in the expansion plan of the Lojack Corporation.

Meanwhile the red line which represents the growth in technology is at the first stage growing but at a very slow rate. However when the need for a sudden change arose in stage two, the growth in expansion is diminished.SSID Probe Request Collection Workshop.

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Lojack Micrologic is a Strategic network alliance. Its strategic significance is clearly dependent on the emerging global markets, shortened product cycles and rapid pace of new product introduction. It is a production oriented alliance, and therefore its primary goal is to pool resources from multiple firms and thereby increase its economies of scale.

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