How to write a report for work placement

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How to write a report for work placement

However, if you are considering advertising your product or brand using product placement tactics, it might be difficult to determine the result. Product Placement as a Marketing Tactic When creating a report to introduce the concept of product placement as a marketing tactic for your company, there are two tactics to consider: A study by Pamela Miles Homer in cooperation with California State University at Long Beach found that if the product was obviously featured, the audience discounted it as product placement advertising.

However, when the product or brand appeared as part of the background or in casual use by one of the characters, it was noticed more favorably. Testing for Results Suggest ways to test the effect of placing your product or brand in a movie, television show or game.

Product placement in a movie can produce results over a long period of time, so it is difficult to tell exactly how the appearance affects sales. This is a way to gauge the potential effectiveness of product placement for your product and will reveal the best way to achieve the results you want -- hypothetically.

History seems to prove that product placement works, because in the movie "Risky Business" sales of RayBan sunglasses surged, as did sales of aviator sunglasses after the movie "Top Gun" -- both credited to Tom Cruise wearing those types of sunglasses in the movies.

Evaluating Results When suggesting the use of product placement to popularize your brand or product, suggest ways of evaluating the result. When a movie launches, it goes through first-run promotion for a period of weeks.

how to write a report for work placement

This gives a specific time during which sales of your product can be monitored. Keeping this in mind, set time frames for comparing sales figures before and after the product placement, depending on the type of media used.

The Product Placement Decision There are three types of product placement deals to consider: Keep in mind that obvious advertising has been shown to have less-positive results, so choose the right movie, television show or video game to display your product or brand in synergy with the story line.

Discuss the best types of media and story lines to seek out that will prove most synergistic with your product or brand.


Sales of Reeses Pieces surged 65 percent in three months after they appeared in the movie "E.Elsinore High School serves grades and is part of Lake Elsinore Unified School District in Lake Elsinore, CA. Internships, placements and work experience. Internships are an established path to getting hired as a graduate.

You can also gain work experience in other ways. Third and fourth year engineering students perceptions on their report writing experience, academic feedback quality, and the effect of completing work placement reports on their learning and report writing ability, were surveyed.

Third year students enjoyed the experience more than fourth year students and perceived greater benefits. advised to structure the report in the following way: 1. Introduction. A brief account of the nature of the organization at which you worked: your role and principal duties within the organization; your weekly schedule and an explanation (if necessary) of any disruptions to that schedule.

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