Honors thesis uncw

Bring oceanography, geology, and GIS into Ms. Kelly's 9th grade Earth Science classroom. Mark Brush and Dr. Provided support in3 days of interactive coral-reef experiments from Aquaris, while being broadcasted live as an educational experience.

Honors thesis uncw

I hold a B. My research interests are centered around using quantitative ecology to inform conservation. Outside of research, I am passionate about teaching, community service, sports, and outdoor recreation.

Alicia is a M. She is using theoretical population modeling to investigate how we could use marine protected areas to manage species whose geographical ranges are shifting due to climate change.

After graduating, she would like to transition to a governmental position in fisheries policy and management, preferably working with invasive species.

She is currently a graduate admissions advisor at the University of Missouri.

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Spatial management for protogynous sex-changing fishes: Marine Ecology Progress Series Larval traits carry over to affect post-settlement behaviour in a common coral reef fish. Journal of Animal Ecology She is now a Ph.

Honors thesis uncw

Endocrine disrupting compounds alter risk-taking behavior in fish Poecelia reticulata. Density-dependent prey mortality is determined by the spatial scale of predator foraging.

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Her work helped determine whether and when spatial planning works better when information about larval connectivity is included. The value of larval connectivity information in the static optimization of marine reserve design.Oct 07,  · anybody get into UNCW with a 19 ACT score, of course I have gpa , honors classes,lots of community service hours & feel very good about the essays I Status: Resolved.

North Carolina Honors Association Conference, Oct. , Hosted by: The two-semester thesis sequence yields a publically defended Pizza with Professors at UNCW is an informal “meet and greet” in which students and faculty. Honors Thesis: “The Apocalyptic Satan: A Punitive and Literal Development in the Pauline Epistles” Graduated with University Honors and Departmental Honors from UNCW’s Honors Scholars Program.

I am completing my Honors Project in Dr. Hawkes Sea-level lab after also participating in a Directed Independent Study on Holocene sea-level rise Newfoundland.

My thesis involves picking and identifying agglutinated foraminifera from Willapa Bay in Washington. Matt Birk (UNCW Honors, ) Matt’s thesis investigated the spatial foraging behavior of guppies.

Honors thesis uncw

He is now a PhD candidate studying cephalopod behavior at the University of South Florida. A maximum of two of these five courses may be below A student must do straight “C” level work or better in at least four of the five courses.

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