Henry ford assembly line research paper

Once a far fetched dream is now what many people believe to be the back bone of the American economy.

Henry ford assembly line research paper

Visit Website In the first several years of their marriage, Ford supported himself and his new wife by running a sawmill. Inhe returned with Clara to Detroit, where he was hired as an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company.

Rising quickly through the ranks, he was promoted to chief engineer two years later.

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On call 24 hours a day for his job at Edison, Ford spent his irregular hours on his efforts to build a gasoline-powered horseless carriage, or automobile. Birth of Ford Motor Company and the Model T Determined to improve upon his prototype, Ford sold the Quadricycle in order to continue building other vehicles.

He received backing from various investors over the next seven years, some of whom formed the Detroit Automobile Company later the Henry Ford Company in After his departure, it was reorganized as the Cadillac Motor Car Company. The following year, Ford established the Ford Motor Company. At the time, only a few cars were assembled per day, and groups of two or three workers built them by hand from parts that were ordered from other companies.

Ford was dedicated to the production of an efficient and reliable automobile that would be affordable for everyone; the result was the Model Twhich made its debut in October As a result, he put into practice techniques of mass production that would revolutionize American industry, including the use of large production plants; standardized, interchangeable parts; and the moving assembly line.

Mass production significantly cut down on the time required to produce an automobile, which allowed costs to stay low. Even as production went up, demand for the Tin Lizzie remained high, and byhalf of all cars in America were Model Ts.

After a court battle with his stockholders, led by brothers Horace and John Dodge, Henry Ford bought out all minority stockholders by InFord moved production to a massive industrial complex he had built along the banks of the River Rouge in Dearborn, Michigan. The plant included a glass factory, steel mill, assembly line and all other necessary components of automotive production.

That same year, Ford ceased production of the Model T, and introduced the new Model A, which featured better horsepower and brakes, among other improvements. By that time, the company had produced some 15 million Model Ts, and Ford Motor Company was the largest automotive manufacturer in the world.

Ford opened plants and operations throughout the world. InFord introduced the first V-8 engine, but by the company had dropped to number three in sales in the automotive industry.

Henry ford assembly line research paper

Despite his progressive policies regarding the minimum wage, Ford waged a long battle against unionization of labor, refusing to come to terms with the United Automobile Workers UAW even after his competitors did so.

Ford Motor Company signed its first contract with UAW inbut not before Henry Ford considered shutting down the company to avoid it.

He made a failed bid for a U. Senate seat innarrowly losing in a campaign marked by personal attacks from his opponent. In the Dearborn Independent, a local newspaper he bought inFord published a number of anti-Semitic writings that were collected and published as a four volume set called The International Jew.

He died two years later at his Dearborn home, at the age of Essay/Term paper: Henry ford Essay, term paper, research paper: Biography Term Papers assembly line increased profits, Henry was able to sell Model T"s for a cheaper price. In , the price of the Model T"s went down to $ (Lacey, 27 –29).

Fords assembly lines didn"t always manufacture cars. In early.

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Essay Henry Ford was born on July 30, to William and Mary Ford. He was the first of six children. He grew up in a rich farming household in Dearborn, Michigan. He enjoyed a typical childhood, spending his days in a one-room schoolhouse and doing farm chores.

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Ever since he was young, he showed an interest for the mechanical aspect of things, and how they worked and functioned. This book is a wonderful walk through the history of Ford Motor and the automotive industry including the major players from outside the US such as the Japanese (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda), Korean (Hyundai, Kia), and Europeans (VW, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat).

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Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. Henry Ford, born 30 July on a farm near Dearborn, Michigan, was one of America's foremost soybean and soyfood pioneers. From the late s until many years after his death in , Ford's name was closely linked with soybeans, for he developed a host of new ways to use the crop industrially and was one of the most creative of the original soyfoods pioneers.

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