Essay germany ww1

Its origins were complex.

Essay germany ww1

To what extent was Germany to blame for starting WWI? After a massive war, it easy to see why a lot people would point fingers at the country that lost the war. However, is this always correct; or do people Jump to conclusions much too quickly?

By doing this, do they also create a whole new kind of trouble for themselves to come in later years? Some may suggest that it is more productive to look at the events leading up to the war to determine who was at fault.

Essay germany ww1

The blame attached to World War One Essay germany ww1 is not exclusively German, but may lie with the concepts of militarism, imperialism, nationalism, and alliances. Militarism is when an entire country is in love with the idea of war.

Soldiers were considered to be very god-like, and citizens only focused on the favorable aspects of war: Keeping a strong army was important to Germany because it helped to demonstrate to the rest of the world that they were a rising power. In addition, Germany was also in competition with Great Britain.

At the time Britain had the largest navy; something Germany envied. Once Britain started introducing their new battleships, named the Dreadnoughts, Germany followed suit. Soon afterwards they widened their canals, making it easier for battleships to pass hrough them.

Great Britain, meanwhile, started setting up new naval bases in Scotland. Since Germany no longer had a small army and navy, France and Britain both felt threatened.

They felt they had to keep up Germanys growing military. Great Britain and France were in an arms race before they knew it! An arms race is a competition between countries to acquire the largest military, translating into the greatest force. The army and naval arms race were Just the first few steps towards WWI, the war Germany was blamed for.

Imperialism was another one of the reasons WWI started. Imperialism is when a country controls the economic, social, and political aspects of another country. All across England countries were fighting for the right to rule other nations.

These nations were unprepared for the fight against the Englishmen and usually lost. When countries imperialize, they also get a new market to sell to. In the s, Europe began to imperialize Africa. During this time, France and Britain had control of large areas of Africa.

The rise of industrialism had increased the need to imperialize. Because of rivalry with Germany. This was because they had started to colonize later than the rest of Europe. Imperialism, although not as big as part as the others, did play a role in WWI.Germany went into the First World War with the advantage of a very large, very well-trained, and very well-equipped army.

One-on-one, they could almost certainly have defeated any other country in the world - but they weren't fighting just one enemy. Wilson's Fourteen Points: After Ww1 Essay. Words May 7th, 4 Pages. Show More. American Involvement in Ww1 Essay. Germany. After the German march on Paris was brought to a halt, the Western Front settled into a static battle of attrition with a trench line that changed little until In the East, the Russian army successfully.

The road leading to World War One began in , which was the year of the Franco-Prussian War. This War led to the unification of a powerful and dynamic Germany, which threatened, to many great powers, as an unbalance of power in Europe. Imperial Germany and the Great War, – (), wide-ranging survey Daniel, Ute.

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The War from Within: German Working-Class Women in the First World War (). Causes of World War One Isaiah Puryear Mr. Noble 4th World War One had many key players, countries and empires being Great Britain, France, German, Austria-Hungary and Russia.

Some of the key battles of WW1 were the battle of Marne , battle of Ypres , and ,the battle of Somme , battle of Cambria and the famous battle of Verdun Germany who was allied with Austria-Hungary also declared war on Serbia.

Russia who was allied with Serbia had to declare war on Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Essay germany ww1

Besides the assassination of the archduke there were four other reasons for the start of WW1. 1. Militarism- the building of large armies. Essay - World War I was definitely a.

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