Applied psychology courses

Modules All modules are assessed by coursework including essays, observational assessments and reports, professional logs, a case study and project proposals. Year 1 Theoretical foundations of addiction and counselling psychology You'll be introduced to psychological theory and research that is essential to our understanding of counselling theory and practice in both generic and addiction counselling. You'll explore a range of available research on the causes and treatment of addiction, allowing you to begin to make your own judgments about the suitability of treatment approaches. In addition you'll be provided with an account of the principal psychological theories of the person in society that have influenced the development of current counselling practice.

Applied psychology courses

He came to America Harvard from Germany Berlin, Laboratory of Sterninvited by William James, and, like many aspiring psychologists during the late 19th century, originally studied philosophy.

In he wrote several magazine articles concerning legal aspects of testimony, confessions and courtroom procedures, which eventually developed into his book, On the Witness Stand.

Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology

Within 9 years he had contributed eight books in English, applying psychology to education, industrial efficiency, business and teaching.

Inthe International Association of Applied Psychology IAAP was founded, as the first international scholarly society within the field of psychology.

Most professional psychologists in the U. But during the war, the armed forces and the Office of Strategic Services hired psychologists in droves to work on issues such as troop morale and propaganda design.

The annual numbers of masters' and PhD degrees have also increased dramatically over the same period. All the while, degrees in the related fields Applied psychology courses economics, sociology, and political science have remained constant.

Inthe American Psychological Society held a Behavioral Science Applied psychology courses and formed the "Human Capital Initiative", spanning schools, workplace productivity, drugs, violence, and community health. The American Psychological Association declared — the Decade of Behaviorwith a similarly broad scope.

Using the psychological research methods and the findings in human's cognition, motivation, attitudes and decision making, those can help to design more persuasive advertisement. Their research includes the study of unconscious influences and brand loyalty.

Applied psychology courses

In many countries clinical psychology is a regulated mental health profession. The work performed by clinical psychologists tends to be done inside various therapy models, all of which involve a formal relationship between professional and client—usually an individual, couple, family, or small group—that employs a set of procedures intended to form a therapeutic alliance, explore the nature of psychological problems, and encourage new ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving.

The four major perspectives are psychodynamiccognitive behavioralexistential-humanisticand systems or family therapy. There has been a growing movement to integrate these various therapeutic approaches, especially with an increased understanding of issues regarding ethnicity, gender, spirituality, and sexual-orientation.

With the advent of more robust research findings regarding psychotherapy, there is growing evidence that most of the major therapies are about of equal effectiveness, with the key common element being a strong therapeutic alliance.

B.S. in Applied Psychology Courses

Clinical psychologists do not usually prescribe medication, although there is a growing number of psychologists who do have prescribing privileges, in the field of medical psychology.

Counseling psychology[ edit ] Counseling psychology is an applied specialization within psychology, that involves both research and practice in a number of different areas or domains.

According to Gelso and Fretzthere are some central unifying themes among counseling psychologists. The interventions used by Counseling Psychologists may be either brief or long-term in duration. Often they are problem focused and goal-directed. There is a guiding philosophy which places a value on individual differences and an emphasis on "prevention, development, and adjustment across the life-span.

Applied psychology courses

Psychologists assess the effects of specific educational interventions: They also study the question of why learning occurs differently in different situations. In some colleges, educational psychology courses are called "the psychology of learning and teaching".

Educational psychology derives a great deal from basic-science disciplines within psychology including cognitive science and behaviorially-oriented research on learning.

Environmental psychology[ edit ] Environmental psychology is the psychological study of humans and their interactions with their environments. The types of environments studied are limitless, ranging from homes, offices, classrooms, factories, nature, and so on.Applied Psychology Courses.

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Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip), Masters (MSc) Addiction Psychology and Counselling course; a route to counselling accreditation, via the National Counselling Accreditation Certificate (NCAC), which leads to placement on the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (UKRCP), London South Bank University (LSBU).

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Striking a balance between research, theory, and application, the eighth edition of INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY: AN APPLIED APPROACH helps readers discover the relevance of industrial/organizational psychology in everyday life through practical application.

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