An analysis of east india company

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An analysis of east india company

Sep 9, Much of the country was under the Mughal empire with Aurangzeb well into his Deccan campaign. The British East India Company had a few dots here and there on the map. Some factories in Surat, some presence in Bengal, Fort St.

Bengal at the time was under the control of Shaiste Khan. The same Shaiste Khan who had his fingers thumb as per some accounts chopped away by Chhatrapati Shivaji. The firman order granting the East India Company three factories in what would eventually become the city of Kolkata was still 30 years away.

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The Battle of Plassey was three generations away. But for decisions taken inthat future almost did not happen! Aurangzeb nearly destroyed the East India Company! InAurangzeb allowed the British to trade at Surat by paying duties of 3.

An earlier law made by Shah Shuja as subhedar of Bengal had allowed the British to trade in Bengal for an annual fee of Rs 3, The EIC wanted to carry out all India trade on the basis of just this fee, or alternately trade anywhere just by paying 3.

Both demands were squashed. In Januarysix companies of British soldiers landed at Hughli after mistaking the route to Chittagong.

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The arguments over the duties and trade tariffs had brought the East India Company to the view that their salvation lay in building forts and fortified enclaves in India. It was the first germ of an idea aimed at controlling land in India. Around this time, there was an altercation among the Mughal and the British troops at Hughli, lighting the spark for war.

It seemed that the hostilities had ended, but even then the East India Company went ahead and burnt many Mughal boats, warehouses and captured some small forts.

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At this stage, Shaiste Khan sought to make peace with Charnoc. He rebuked his behaviour, but still allowed a fort to be built at Uluberia near Calcutta. Unchanged though, the British continued to cause problems under Captain Heath, such as burning the fort at Baleshar, before he was forced to withdraw, to Fort St.

An analysis of east india company

George in present day Chennai. Meanwhile, the Western coast was also edgy since laws pertaining to Surat were being brought into play.

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Although they had nominal control of Bombay, he wanted to make it total by eliminating any competition. Child then went ahead and captured a few trading ships belonging to Siddi Kasim.

The result was as it was anticipated: A blockade of Bombay. This was around Siddi Kasim captured the island of Mazgaon and placed his cannons on the hills of Dongri. He further proceeded to bomb the British garrisons.

If he had continued for a few months more, he would have captured Bombay.In January , six companies of British soldiers landed at Hughli after mistaking the route to Chittagong. The arguments over the duties and trade tariffs had brought the East India Company to the view that their salvation lay in .

Rolta wins prestigious Digital Transformation projects totalling Rs. Crores in India. The parliamentary acts of ended the East India Company’s trade monopoly, and in it was transformed into a managing agency for the British government of India.

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